Why is my Face Changing as I get Older?

One of the common things that occurs to your face as you get older, is that you start to lose fat. Generally most people like the idea of losing fat, but when it is on your face and it is not a good thing. However, this is a normal part of ageing.

The fatty pockets that form the structure of moulding your face to what it is when you are in your twenties starts to reduce in your thirties, forties and so on. At the same time, you start losing collagen as well which is a protein that provides support in your skin, bones and tissues. Both of this causes a flattening of the face giving rise to a change in structure.

Finally, there is also bone resorption of the facial bones. This essentially means, that as you age, your facial bone begins to reduce as well, allowing skin to sag or the face to become flatter.

The combination of all 3 is inevitable for most of us, which is the reason why cosmetic injectables in the form of dermal fillers have become sought after.

Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid that is normally found naturally in our skin and has different properties depending on where they are used. They can cause lifting and increase volume in the face without having to have surgery. 

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