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Skin Peels

What are skin peels and how do they work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Your skin clinician will thoroughly consult with you to advise the most suitable peel treatment for your skin condition.

The skin is cleansed and a prep solution will be applied to remove surface oils and allow the peel to penetrate the skin evenly. Any sensitive areas that cannot be treated will be protected with a thin film of protective cream. The peel will be applied in 1–3 layers, depending on the depth required. The acids react with the skin allowing fresh skin to regenerate and emerge. A tingling, or hot sensation is normal.

After most peels, the skin may be pink to slightly flushed, and look shiny and tight. It is vital to apply sunscreen of SFP 30 or greater to the skin for the next week. You must also stay out of the sun, as your skin will be very sensitive to UV rays and could be damaged by sun exposure. For maximum results, a series of peels is usually recommended, and may be necessary for treating challenging issues such as hyper-pigmentation (age spots).

  • Improve the freshness, smoothness and colour of the complexion
  • Improve acne and blackheads
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase skin hydration
  • Flatten mild scarring
  • Improve irregular hyperpigmentation (age spots)
  • Improve skin texture of the skin by increasing epidermal thickness and collagen thickness
You my experience burning and stinging during your treatment and facial redness that can last up to 24 hours. There may be mild peeling of the skin with post inflammatory of hyperpigmentation (age spots) and hypopigmentation (light skin patches).

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