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Mole & Skin Tag Removal

Many of us have a few moles that get bigger as we get older. The medical term for a mole is a naevus. Moles can come in different colours and sizes. When large and on the face or in areas where they are irritated, they can become very unsightly and cause concern for patients.

What is a mole or skin tag removal treatment and how does it work?

At DRV skin, our team is extensively trained to recognize suspicious lesions. Before cosmetic mole removal, our doctor will perform a thorough skin evaluation of the mole. For moles that are slightly raised and very superficial, these can be removed either by a shave excision or by laser treatment. Local anaesthetic is used prior to the procedure and it heals with a small scab.

For larger areas or on areas on the face, either a laser is used or a special instrument to gently shave the mole off, not leaving any scars. Skin tags are removed painlessly by safe laser treatments.

Most moles are benign, meaning that they are harmless, but some moles can be dangerous, especially if they are cancerous. It is always important to get your mole checked by a doctor trained in identifying cancerous moles, prior to removing it. 

Skin tags are painless, benign growths that are often thickened and form due to areas of friction. They can be very unsightly and often can get inflamed due to rubbing against clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The mole or skin tag is first assessed by our doctor to ensure that it is benign and not malignant. This usually involves examination with the use of a specialized dermatoscope.

Depending on the size of the mole or skin tag, removal is planned either by a shave, laser treatment or by radiofrequency.

Mild soreness after the procedure can be expected. Scabbing in the area, straight after treatment, which often peels over a week. Very rarely, the area can appear lighter than the surrounding skin due to a reduction in melanin.

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