Teoxane RHA Micellar Solution (Face & Eyes)


Teoxane RHA Micellar Solution (Face & Eyes) – 200mL

A unique complex of active ingredients incorporating the RHA patented technology in combination with soothing Rose Water for a perfect cleansing all skins, even the most sensitive ones, and a first treatment. Also used to prepare the skin prior to a professional aesthetic care.



Teoxane RHA Micellar Solution (Face & Eyes)

Teoxane is a Swiss-Science based skincare and dermal filler lab. It produces the finest quality ingredients that are proven to be effective, whilst also being luxurious in feel and texture.

Micellar water is a powerful hydrating and soothing make-up removed, leaving the skin’s natural balance untouched. This product is designed for even the most sensitive skin, and performs 3 functions:

1. Toner

2. Make-Up removed

3. Skin cleanser


A cleansing solution enriched with TEOXANE unique RHA hydrating technology. Featuring a powerful blend of revitalising and soothing ingredients this soap-free cleanser is often used by physicians to optimally clean the skin before aesthetic procedures.


The first step of your beauty regime, apply to face using a cotton pad morning and night. RHA Micellar Solution can be used as a cleanser, toner and make up remover.


  • RHA resilient hyaluronic acid, manufacturing process patented
  • NovHyal (N-Acétyl Glucosamine-6-Phosphate)
  • Dermo-Restructuring Complex
  • Rose Water
  • Bacteriostatic agent
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