Hydration: the key to unlocking healthy skin

Given that our bodies are made up of more than 50% water, it makes sense that good old’ H20 is one of the most important energy sources for your body.

Beyond flushing waste out of your body and helping your vital organs function properly, hydration also helps nourish your skin (which is, in fact, the largest organ of your body). If you want to fight off wrinkles and give your outer layer a healthy glow, don’t allow yourself to get dehydrated. 

Here are four ways drinking more H2O can help your skin look its best.

  • Slow the aging process. Well, not every aspect of the aging process, but at least the visible signs of premature aging. Staying well hydrated can help maintain your skin’s elasticity and combat the appearance of those dreaded wrinkles.
  • Improve the appearance of your skin. This one goes hand-in-hand with the point above. It probably comes as no surprise, but a lack of hydration can make your skin look dry, flaky, and tight. Not only does keeping skin moisturized help it appear more plump and supple, but it also helps address surface dullness by combating the buildup of dead skin cells.
  • Rid your skin of toxins. When properly hydrated, your skin takes on a more radiant-looking glow. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for skin that’s lacking in the hydration department. That’s because your skin can’t rid itself of toxins without adequate hydration, resulting in irritation and inflammation.
  • Fight oil and acne. While it may seem counter-intuitive at first, dehydrated skin sends signals to the glands to produce more oil as a defense mechanism of sorts. By keeping skin well hydrated, it becomes less oily and acne tends to be less aggravated.

The benefits of staying hydrated are abundant yet most of us are guilty of not replenishing our bodies with enough water. Whether it’s because we’re too busy or simply don’t like the taste, drinking the recommended allowance per day is a challenge.

6 tips that leave you with no excuse not to drink up!

1. Add flavour to your water.

You can add a little bit of excitement and flavour by steeping fresh fruit (grapefruit, strawberries, lemon), veggie slices (cucumber, ginger, celery), and herbs (basil, mint) in your water. 

2. Drink from Larger Containers

Carrying a larger container may incite you to drink more water, not to mention it makes it easier to achieve the recommended goal of 8 glasses of water per day.

3. Use an app to track your glasses.

Keeping up with how many glasses you’ve finished can be easy (and fun) with the help of a free app like Daily Water Free or Daily Water

4. Drink a glass after every toilet break.

Start a habit by linking drinking water with one of your most common daily activities—going to the toilet. Getting up from your desk for a bathroom break? Stop by the kitchen to grab a glass of water. It’s just another way to build the habit into your daily routine

5. Swap out still water for sparkling.

If still water just doesn’t do it for you, it might be helpful to sip on sparkling water instead. The bubbles will keep things interesting and the extra water will keep you feeling good. 

There are also devices that allow you to infuse your ordinary tap water with carbon dioxide at home, helping you avoid buying countless plastic bottles and keeping you hydrated at the same time. 

6. Opt for water-rich snacks.

Carrying around a bottle isn’t the only way to add water to your diet. Sneak in some extra hydration by choosing water rich snack foods such as spinach, strawberries, cucumber, and watermelon. 

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